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About the Integria Group

The Integria Group is a team of business consultants with expertise in leadership development, coaching and organization development. The word “integria” is derived from the word “integrity” and describes our approach to the leadership and organizational development work that we do. Integrity is typically defined as having meaning in two dimensions: internally and externally. Internally it refers to the quality of an individual’s values and principles. Externally it refers to the demonstration of those values and principles in action. So, our work at The Integria Group helps leaders “integrate” their inner aspirations and values into effective leadership behavior.

Through our approach, leaders:

  • Become more aware of “conscious” of effective thought patterns

  • Identify thought patterns that sabotage high performance

  • Develop skills that build robust relationships, solve difficult problems, enhance personal engagement and create strong business results

Our Conscious Leadership and coaching content and philosophy also reflects the principle of integration. For example: many managers we have worked with have come into our workshops priding themselves on being able to be “brutally honest” when confronting someone. We have observed others to be so passive and respectful during a conversation that what they really think never comes out at all. We help leaders integrate these two seemingly opposite styles through a framework that enables one to be honest and respectful at the same time.

About Don

Don is an experienced executive coach, entrepreneur, and leadership development consultant.  He has over 25 years of experience in business and sales leadership, consulting, strategy deployment, executive coaching and facilitation. He helps founders and business leaders be more effective, intentional and self-aware so that they can drive sustainable business success within a culture of engagement trust and respect.

He started his career opening up the first-generation natural food stores in the United States and then became the President of Elan Vital, a global personal transformation organization.  Don then joined Zenger Miller-AchieveGlobal, an international leadership development organization and held consulting, sales and Vice President positions in his 17-year career there.  He became a principal consultant with Axialent in 2006, a culture transformation organization, working with Fred Kofman and others. He provided coaching and leadership development projects to leaders and teams at Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, You Tube, AXA Insurance, The Boston Consulting Group, Owens Illinois, and Crowe Horwath.


Don is a dynamic facilitator, bringing his business and leadership experience into the work he does in the classroom and into his coaching practice.


His experience includes:

Leading virtual teams| Increasing sales | Developing sales team skills | Increasing employee engagement |Creating cultures of accountability | Running effective meetings | Communicating effectively under stress | Building professional presence | Breaking down silos | Shifting mindsets from negative to healthy |Helping leaders become people that are admired |


Don’s coaching and consulting approach is grounded in a Raj Yoga practice he began as a young college graduate. He is certified in a variety of leadership and management programs and has significant experience with psychometric instruments.  He has a BA in English Literature from Ohio Wesleyan University and has studied Jungian psychology for many years. He is a competitive singles tennis player and writes, records and plays music.  He lives in Tayport, Scotland with his wife Mariclaire.

Insights Distributor

In addition to being skilled in using various psychometric instruments such as Hogan, Firo-B, MyersBriggs, Disc, LSI and the Enneagram, Don is also an Insights Distributor and uses the following where applicable:​​

  • Discovering Personal Effectiveness

  • Deeper Discovery

  • Discovering Team Effectiveness

  • Discovering Leadership Effectiveness

  • Discovering Sales Effectiveness


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