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Are You Challenged With People Saying They Want:

Our teams to stop fighting amongst themselves

Meetings that actually get things done

Leaders that really listen and care

Less turnover in the organization

Sales people that treat internal staff with respect

Honest, helpful feedback

The business to scale without losing the magic

Professional development that sticks and is relevant

Sales people to sell more effectively

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What makes a work day tough for people? It's not the actual technical work! It's dealing with things out of our control, other people's issues, unforeseen events, getting triggered, difficult conversations, not knowing how to say no, victim behavior and arrogance.

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Through our approach, leaders:

Become more aware or “conscious” of effective thought patterns
Identify thought patterns that sabotage high performance
Develop skills that build robust relationships, solve difficult problems,
enhance personal engagement and create strong business results

Our Conscious Leadership and Coaching content and philosophy also reflects the principle of integration. For example: Many managers we have worked with have come into our workshops priding themselves on being able to be “brutally honest” when confronting someone. We have observed others to be so passive and respectful during a conversation that what they really think never comes out at all. We help leaders integrate these two seemingly opposite styles through a framework that enables one to be honest and respectful at the same time.​

We believe business success hinges upon the abilities of the leaders to make the right business decisions, execute them flawlessly and harness the energy, passion and spirit of the people they lead. We focus on effectiveness in three dimensions:

  • Business Results (IT)

  • Team and Organization Effectiveness (WE)

  • Personal Engagement (I)

A successful organization, work group or team measures effectiveness in
these three key dimensions. We customize our solutions to meet the unique
requirements your business demands. Our objective is to help make you and
your organization successful. With that in mind we work to understand your
key business issues and drivers and then ensure that what we offer solves
real problems and adds value.

Leadership Development

Conscious Leadership is methodology designed to help leaders create a leadership footprint that maximizes their ability to accomplish business goals, build strong, trusting relationships and increase personal engagement and job fulfillment. It does this through a process that enables leaders to closely examine their own attitudes, values and beliefs and consciously choose highly effective approaches to communicating with integrity, building accountability, and solving difficult issues with creativity and consensus. We believe that our values, attitudes and beliefs, our "being" drives what we do. The leverage to make improvements or to change is found first in who we are "being".


Executive Coaching

Development Coaching

For high potential leaders who have been identified for a more senior position. Coaching involves building on existing leadership skills and helping leaders significantly upgrade their “inner operating system” to be able to embody the kind of leadership that can create the envisioned future for the organization.

Performance Coaching

Addresses specific skills and performance gaps a leader has identified. Coaching is focused on getting to the source of current behavior, helping the individual gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their results, and their relationship to others. Performance Coaching puts leaders in touch with what is working, what is not and how to get greater leverage on change.

Integral “whole person” Coaching

For leaders who are looking for intensive coaching at the level of self. This transformational coaching helps individual identify the structure of their self-identity and how old patterns are kept in place. Existing problems can only be challenged with a different level of awareness and consciousness. Integral coaching helps leaders navigate the different stages of awareness and become more effective.

Sales Effectiveness

We believe that effective selling begins through self awareness. Sales isn't about selling, it is about buying. Therefore the sales person's role is to help the client make an informed buying decision, not sell them something The sales person's mindset and behavior are the two most important factors in a client's buying decision

Increasing sales effectiveness has many dimensions: Research and Planning, Marketing, Branding, Account Segmentation, Major Account Planning and Acquisition, Skill Development and more

Our approach is customized to your unique requirements and is based on years of personal selling experience, the latest research on customer buying trends,consulting principles, and studies on successful sales people.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your business, processes, systems, sales team performance, industry factors and more.

Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness begins with self-awareness. We help each team member understand their own personal style, how their colleagues prefer to work, and how that impacts the team. 

Team performance makes or breaks organization success, whether they be project teams, executive teams sales teams, marketing or customer support.  We have experience not only in working with all these type of teams, but we have also been team members ourselves and are keenly aware of what it's like to be on a high performing team versus one t hat is not.  Therefore, we know what works and what doesn't. 

We are interested in finding the key levers in your teams to help achieve greater results, be more connected and engaged and find richer satisfaction in the work that they do. We typically do an assessment of your teams using the most appropriate instrument and or interviews and then co creating a project plan with you


VP Global Financial Services Firm

This is fantastic stuff and has given me a boost in energy. I wish we could have a whole training session on this topic alone. I’m going to take what you have given me and incorporate my own experiences and put together an action plan for me to execute in my small corner of the world. Once I have my head around what I would like to do, I would appreciate the opportunity to bounce some of these ideas off of you. Thanks again. I am truly grateful.

Senior Manager Professional Services Firm

Don’s career coaching sessions were helpful in many facets including, reacquainting me with Conscious Business principles learned in our Leadership Class, helping me to role play specific conversations and also to help me see the conversation from the other participant’s side. Don’s strong commitment to providing helpful insight combined with his communication skills have been helpful to me as I have developed my career. I consider Don a trusted leadership advisor and coach.

Partner Public Accounting Firm

Don offers great insight to the many challenges facing business professionals. In our coaching sessions Don listens and most importantly asks the right questions that help you understand what you truly want to have happen and what you could do about it. Don doesn’t give you the answer, he helps you find it through thoughtful and skillful facilitation.

Partner, Public Accounting Firm

As a partner in a public accounting firm that is involved in the leadership development of our people, I have valued Don’s coaching in my personal and our team’s development. For businesses that are serious about continuous learning and improvement, I would recommend the use of Don’s skill and experience.


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